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Urbanbuzz Consultation

In 2008 the Forum worked with the government-funded Urbanbuzz project, designed to roll out academic expertise into the wider community.

The Forum ran a three-day consultation in the Methodist building in the centre of Archway and reported back to Archway stakeholders on the findings.

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Top Votes in the Community Consultation Questionnaire


1. High standards of design in new and refurbished buildings


2. Design out crime with layout and security improvements to the core Archway site


3. Plant more trees and create green routes linking open spaces


4. Improve the pedestrian path from the tube station to the leisure centre


5. Create better links/pedestrian routes to Archway Centre eg from the Whittington / Hospital entrance to the tube station.


6. Bring life to blank frontages in the Archway Centre


7. Support more planting, including in previously paved areas.


8. Improve layout and security on estates


9. Declutter the roads and façade signage


10. Create a new mixed use arts centre in the old Methodist Hall/Cinema

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