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Community Solutions for Archway

The Better Archway Forum continues to draw on feedback ranging from informal comments to more organised sessions to ensure it is reflecting what local people want to see to improve Archway.

Lower Highgate Hill.jpg

The changes in Archway have already made a big difference.The following reflects on-going key wishes:

    Re-establish the old High Street with shops down Lower Highgate HIll and along Junction Road.

    Recreate connections with the centre eg a clear pedestrian route from the tube station to the leisure centre and through to the hospital entrance.

     Retain office space to keep life and spending in the area through the day.

    Encourage residential above shops to promote the security of eyes on the street, into the evening.  

    Re-using existing buildings, increasing sustainability.

    Seek organic and incremental change with greening, decluttering, planning enforcement and good quality refurbishment.

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