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BDP Consultation

In 2005 the consultants BDP (Building Design Partnership) were employed by LB Islington to devise a masterplan for Archway. There was a public exhibition at Caxton House attended by more than 200 residents. BDP staff reported that this was by far the largest number they had ever seen at a public consultation.

The exhibition took the form of the panels on to which participants were able to attach comments on Post-It notes. Because of the numbers participating there were large numbers of notes which were removed at regular intervals and placed in a cardboard box. BDP was not able to say how they would be processed.

The consultants found that those involved were considerably better informed than is usual. Residents were able to point out for example that proposals for an underground bus station, entered from Macdonald Road, would not be workable because of the slope between Macdonald and Junction Roads.

It was evident that BDP were working on this as no more than a desk study as they were unaware of this.

At a public presentation to the North Area Committee BDP staff admitted that they did not know who owned the central properties in Archway, saying that Land Registry searches were difficult. The Archway Forum had already carried out those searches, which can be done online for just £3 per property.


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