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The Forum has been researching issues relevant to improvements in Archway.
We have invited international experts to come and speak here about everything from the impact of traffic on centres like ours to the way to improve pedestrian layout and how to build sustainable housing.

We have done on the ground research into food costs, and found that contrary to all the advertising, the small shops can completely out-price even the cut price supermarkets - so people on a budget can get more of a bargain in Archway than at Tesco.

We have conducted our own, professionally led, pedestrian counts, so we know that at least as many pedestrians as vehicles use the Archway gyratory - so why do cars get all the space?

And we are attempting to get to the bottom of air quality around Archway. We know from modelling that it must be atrocious on the Archway Road, but no-one seems to be monitoring that.

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