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Alcohol Licensing

Liberalising the alcohol licensing laws led to a surge in licence applications from small shops of all kinds. It was difficult for Islington to oppose these, even when the application was for a 24-hour licence.


However, complaints about associated anti social behaviour and the discovery that Archway was home to a greater density of off licences than any other part of the borough, led to the creation of what is called an alcohol saturation zone in the area.

This means that if Islington receives any objection to an application for a licence, they are allowed to refuse such a licence. They may not however refuse the licence if there are no objections.

Issues remain, with Trading Standards regularly discovering sales to under age buyers, as well as of fake spirits and non duty paid cigarettes.

If you see anything you would like to report the Anti Social Behaviour team are on 020 7527 7272 or access the reporting form via

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