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Online Survey 2019

To ensure the organisation continues to reflect local opinion, in 2019 Better Archway ran a SurveyMonkey survey asking about key issues. This found that:

​100% of respondents believe open space and greenery is important and 96.74% consider them very important.

93.47% support limiting the impact of motor traffic by keeping most of it on main roads.

92.39% consider it important for public spaces to have buildings which 'speak' to the street with doors directly to the street and larger windows. 68.48% consider it very important.


91.31% agree with LB Islington's backing for cultural and community activities in Archway

89.13% favour keeping smaller and independent businesses in the area, including shops.


80.44% believe conservation area standards (requiring that changes either preserve or enhance the character of the area) should apply to all pre WWII buildings in the area.

​88.05% support policy favouring a range of housing options, from one-bedroom flats to family homes, and tenures including affordable and social.

77.17% consider tall buildings undesirable.

Potential improvements to the road and transport layout gained the following scores:


  • All buses travelling in one direction leaving from the same stop - 42.39%

  • Running northbound terminating buses to stop at the hospital - 42.39%

  • Creating a Quietway for cyclists away from HGVs - 46.74%

  • Permitting a right turn from St John's Way - 26.09%

  • None of the above - 17.39%

In an open question asking what people most associated with Archway the most mentioned ideas were: 

  • Transport

  • Traffic

  • Home

  • Independent shops and High Street

  • Diversity and community


Other mentions included tall buildings, public spaces and wind.



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