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Current Issues

The Post Office
The owners of Hill House above the Archway Mall, are looking to redevelop all the land around it. That land includes the Post Office which has now closed. The services have been incorporated into a mini market on Junction Road.

Building on Lower Highgate Hill
The Hill House owners also own the space in front of the library. They could build on it to create shops directly on to Highgate Hill, moving the library to a more accessible location.

Because the land slopes, to look right this would need to be in individual shops stepping down the hill - see the original at  

Tube Station
Archway’s current tube station offers little space, low ceilings, and cramped entrances. Improvements would include raising the height of the Junction Road entrance to allow more light in, and putting a glass enclosure over the steps up to Lower Highgate Hill to protect against the increased wind blight and reduce the litter which gathers there.


Excessive Redevelopment
Schemes for major demolition and rebuilding in the area include Peabody's to knock down a significant element of the Conservation Area old university campus at the bottom of Highgate Hill and Archway Road, (originally built as a state-of-the-art hospital) in order to create a new tower to ‘match’ the old office blocks.

Organic and Incremental
The Forum continues to lobby for smaller steps which combine to create a bigger impact,

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