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Aims and Objectives

After the original masterplanning in 2005 and 2006 the Better Archway Forum agreed the following principles.




  1. Improve Archway’s public space with better designed roads, pavements and public spaces

  2. Make Archway more attractive with human scale buildings with a clear layout and high quality street frontages which work with the area’s heritage buildings.

  3. Make Archway safer with improved pedestrian routes and a more cohesive community.

  4. Make Archway more prosperous by encouraging local businesses and employment.

  5. Improve opportunities for young people with more activities in and outside schools.

  6. Improve community facilities for sport, health, education and culture

  7. Encourage a mixed development with offices, shops and different sizes and styles of private and social housing, offering benefits for all.

  8. Ensure all development is environmentally sustainable – protecting the environment for future generations.

  9. Ensure local people are actively involved in the planning and development process.

  10. Be a collective voice and a representative forum for the Archway community in lobbying for short, medium and long-term improvements to the area, each chosen by considering what is there, what is needed, what should be done, how to do it, and how to make the improvement a lasting one.

Design Principles

  • A. Rebuild the local town scale as a viable district centre.

  • B. Create stronger pedestrian links across the area, encouraging greater use of the new public spaces and routes.

  • C. Increase the awareness of greenery in the area and ease of access to the ‘green grid’ of North London.

  • D. Promote the creation of a learning and cultural hub, centred on the existing and planned facilities for arts and health education at Archway.

  • E. Create new employment opportunities in the creative and other industries.

  • F. Promote development characterised by distinctive architecture, and other interventions such as public art, which capitalises on the strategic advantages of the area.

  • G. Maximise the natural attributes of the site including topography and sunlight.

  • H. Ensure an inclusive approach to new mixed ownership housing developments.

  • I. Create new public spaces which operate as viable centres of public activity and provide space for a market.

  • J. Improve transport interchange and bus station facilities, and reduce the impact of traffic congestion, pollution and noise.

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