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Archway Symposium

In 2007 the Forum organised a symposium in Archway titled: Sustainable Regeneration for Urban Communities.

Knowing that Archway is just one of more than 100 urban ‘villages’ in London alone, we invited some of the biggest names in the business to come and give us their ideas about what needed to be done.

They pointed out that the layout of public spaces doesn’t just affect how we feel about them, it affects the level of crime, the value of properties, and promotes or undermines quality of life.

Key to getting it right are:

    Pedestrian friendly layout
    Design which reduces crime
    Limits on the impacts of traffic
    Decluttering
    Empowerment for local communities

To read the talks, click on the names of the speakers below:

Prof. Richard Burdett LSE: Design in the Global City
Sir Terry Farrell T Farrell & Partners: Finding the Lost Towns of London
David Ubaka Design for London (TfL): A New Approach to Traffic Management
Prof. Bill Hillier UCL: How London Became A City Of Villages
Alain Chiaradia, Space Syntax: Archway 2012 - 2025
David Cowans, Places for People: A Developer’s Perspective
Ursula Woolley London Borough of Islington: Vision for Archway
Steve Clare Development Trusts Association: Confident Communities
Jane Durney BioRegional Group: One Planet Living
Guy Rubin, New Economics Foundation: Economic Regeneration, Bottom Up

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